Courses in Norway 2019

There will be a 10-day course in Norway 2019.

10-day course for new and old students in norwegian and english: from monday 3rd of June to friday 14th of June.

The course will be held at Hornsjø høyfjellshotell, Hornsjøvegen 1845, 2636 Øyer.

Course application opens the 3rd of March at 9pm.


Google Maps link


How to apply for a course

Before applying for a course, it is important to read the Code of Discipline.

The easiest way to apply is by clicking on a date on the course schedule and filling out and submitting the form that is displayed.

Course applications cannot be accepted later than one week before the course begins, even if the course is not full exept for 1-day courses.  Students must apply for a place on the course they wish to attend.


Courses in Sweden

There are held many courses in Sweden every year, here is the link address to Dhamma Sobhana